As a real estate developer and investor, we’re in touch and accessible, using our knowledge and expertise to benefit neighborhoods, businesses and communities. We are a full-service provider offering in-house planning, real estate brokerage, financing, incentive strategy, development and construction services, all of which ultimately support higher density communities by adding amenities and jobs. Regardless of your project type, our team’s creative energy and expertise allows us to give your ideas full expression — without compromise.

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Site Selection

Placemaking begins with selecting a suitable site for development. Our experienced team conducts extensive market research to analyze a client’s location needs, projected performance and neighborhood demographics, ensuring the correct selection is made every time.

Master Planning

Plinth Consultancy Services Ltd implements the latest technologies and strategies to ensure success through every step of the master planning process, resulting in buildings, sites and green spaces that connect people to each other, to other places and to the natural environment.

Site Plan Approvals

Extensive work with municipalities, townships and other government entities allows us to understand and facilitate all requirements and regulations related to your project.

Entitlement / Incentive / Abatement Consulting

Plinth Consultancy understands the complexities associated with obtaining approvals across a vast range of development projects. We’ll obtain the necessary approvals while securing associated grants and incentives in the process.

Due-Diligence Management

We go beyond simple assessments to provide a comprehensive look at all factors impacting the development. By viewing a project from all angles, we deliver investment security via thorough risk assessment.

Financial Analysis

Plinth Consultancy’s approach includes proforma projections, underwriting and sensitivity analysis along with the sourcing of equity and debt in ways that maximize returns. Ultimately, our detailed analysis of capital needs and financing options results in the best financing terms for our clients.

Investor Relations

Plinth Consultancy has extensive experience working with a wide variety of investors to raise capital for large-scale projects. Our collaborative approach in partnering with public, private and institutional investors – along with family offices – allows us to leverage a strong network to develop debt and equity capital stack.


Plinth’s in-house, licensed real estate professionals help clients expertly navigate the real estate market. Our complete spectrum of real estate services includes owner and tenant leasing, acquisition and sales, marketing, consulting and more. We also work with third-party brokers to maximize exposure.

Transaction Consulting

Minimizing costs and maximizing value is our goal for every development project. We offer the hands-on support necessary to help you assess all possibilities across the risk/return spectrum.

Space Planning

Effective space planning combines space, furniture and function to accommodate employee and visitor needs. It also includes an obligation to respect and dignify all people through the creation of beautiful, diverse and inclusive places and neighborhoods. When creative planning techniques are implemented in organized space, employee engagement, client retention and innovation are all heightened.

Property Management

We are committed to responsiveness, clear communication and personalized service, all of which are essential to successful property management. From maintenance to leasing and energy management, Rockford offers a complete suite of property management services to enhance the tenant experience and support successful development.

Asset Management

Our team focuses on maximizing property value through value-added programs, strategic decision making, a deep understanding of the lending environment and superior management expertise, increasing investor returns while limiting liability exposure.

Owner’s Representative

As an Owner’s Representative, we serve as an extension of your staff, managing day-to-day operations during development and construction. For clients who need to focus on core business practices, Plinth can advocate on your behalf throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Project Management

No development project can be successful without a precise, all-encompassing management approach. Plinth Consultancy Services Ltd begins each project by developing and implementing a thorough management plan, helping to meet the exacting needs of the work.

In-House Legal

Our in-house legal team possesses decades of experience and is ready to handle the complex needs of your unique project, including land acquisition, zoning and municipal approvals, and more.